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Our Mission:

Empower businesses with strategic insights, capital, and a personalized growth plan.

Our Vision:

Creating profitable partnerships that lead to shared success.

Our Thesis:

We invest in profitable ventures, providing not just capital but also resources, education, and expertise.

Investment Criteria


Demonstrated profitability and positive cash flow for sustainable growth.


Unique vision and commitment from founder-operated businesses.


Minimum 2-3 years in operation, reflecting stability and market experience.


Minimum annual revenue of $250K, indicating scalability and growth potential.

Industry Criteria

Home Services

Companies providing essential home services such as maintenance, repair, and improvement. These businesses play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for homeowners and tenants alike.

Digital Services

Innovative digital service providers. From web development to digital marketing, these businesses leverage technology to offer solutions that drive success in today’s connected world.

Media Services

We recognize the power of media and its influence on modern society. Content creation, production, and distribution, connecting audiences with engaging and impactful stories.

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